Hong’s Hapkido is a martial arts school located in Port Moody

Hapkido is a Korean self-defense martial arts

Hapkido is a Korean self-defense martial arts. It consists of kicking and punching, throwing techniques and falling techniques as well as joint lock and pressure point techniques. Weapons such as the staff, nunchuck, and sword are used in the advanced levels of Hapkido.

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Hong’s Hapkido Classes from Kids to Adults

Children’s classes are divided by both age and skill level. All children are taught at their own pace to develop their present capabilities and bring out their hidden potential.

Kids 4- 7

The main benefits of the Hong’s Hapkido program is to have fun and to develop skills that will make balance building courage, self esteem and confidence in the shy and timid – developing self control and focus.

Kids 7-13

Many parents, doctors, teachers and psychologists find that Martial Arts improve children’s academic progress – attention span, listening skills, cooperative learning, following directions and leadership skills are all areas of training that directly carry over to the academic classroom.

Teens & Adults

Hong’s Hapkido offers a comprehensive fitness program for adults and Teens. Our classes are specifically designed to increase cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. They can provide an opportunity for weight loss and stress relief. In addition, training in Hapkido produces benefits beyond those of a traditional exercise program.

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